We are a family business. Our mission is to provide affordable controls Direct! serving Tree Care Pro's with High Quality at a fair price. OPEN 7 day's a week CALL! anytime.

Proven Creative we've made the most reliablerugged 
​controls for stump grinders and tree chippers you can get. When you buy from us, we will share our knowledge and experience of machinery up keep and operation with you, as long as you own the machine.

This is FREE technical help.  

We charge a fair price; $399 for the original Auto Feed Plus® for tree chippers, including a 5 year warranty, and up to $1499 on a wireless remote control for a stump grinder, tree chipper, waste recycle or biomass machine. 

Call Janet today at 508-479-6348 to keep your machine up and running, with no extra costs or hidden fees. I will connect you with our Tech Support Department for application assistance and further information.  

We have a heck of a story. We learned lots about patent and trademark law, about the major chipper companies and how they operate. 
​Call Janet to learn more. 508-479-6348

JP Carlton Track Remote Kit,

HD Thick Copper PCB's custom made in the USA.

John at Horizon Tree in Clare Mi using our Radio Remote on a small JP Carlton


Kurt Snider

All controls custom made by Kurt with USA made HD Circuit Boards Old School hand soldered and tested.

Self Propelled Kit

Pictured right is a customer photo of his Vermeer Install Now he has a Digital Tach and programmable Autofeed.

JP Carlton Stump Grinder Radio Remote Kits starting at $1199-1499

Sam Crowder In MD using our controls.

Typical AFP Install ready for chipping.

Wood chipper FWD REV Kit Valve D0-5 set with sub plate and JIC fittings call Kurt 12 or 24vdc $500 plus S&H

Reverse Valve Kit with Subplate and fittings works with Dump or Unloading valve to add Auto Reverse $350 Plus S&H


Leslie Odham, a super cool, 
​happy, customer.